• em4triuqs

    Outstanding video, Lilymae! Great outfit – I love loose SHORT skirts 🙂
    You and Charley did a fantastic job getting LOTS of my favorite upskirt shots … the shots with you bending over at the waist, showing your perfect ass and your pussy, with a person or two in the background … I love those shots! The person in the background adds tremendously to the excitement factor.
    Great job!
    And the upskirt selfies were awesome, too! More, more …
    One request for future videos … I haven’t seen any of your videos (yet) with you wearing a super short skirt and stokings … that would be hot … the bare thigh between the top of the stockings and the bottom of the skirt is very erotic and the stockings scream “look at me!”

  • em4triuqs

    Lily, in reference to the comment above, I’ve watched more of your videos now and I see that there are plenty in which you wear stockings … so I am a happy voyeur 🙂

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