• Update

    Important Update – September 27, 2022

    Well, it has been a whirlwind of a 24 hours.  As many of you have noticed, my Patreon page has been unsuspended, which is great news! However, it comes with some caveats. The main one being that I can no longer post videos that show any sort of genitalia on Patreon itself. Since that is most of my videos, that is why you’ll see that they are all currently listed as “Blocked”.  Fear not, however. You can still see ALL of my videos on my website by logging in with your Patreon account. Going forward, I expect that I’ll be announcing videos on here, but only posting them on my…

  • Update

    Patreon Woes Continue

    Unfortunately, it appears that our problems with Patreon aren’t likely going away as we had hoped. Even though we’ve operated for over a year on here without issue and have been careful to comply with it’s published content guidelines, suddenly much of our content is no longer welcome.  Patreon has started enforcing rules that aren’t in their Community Guidelines or Terms and Conditions. Videos that had been reviewed before by Patreon and deemed fine are now suddenly not okay. Since editing and reuploading the offending videos is prohibitive, instead I have to remove them from Patreon. The removed videos are being replaced by a giant “BLOCKED” message. For now, you…

  • Update

    Join me on Fansly!

    Hello, y’all, although I enjoy Patreon and I WILL CONTINUE TO POST HERE, I would like to encourage everyone to move over to my Fansly for next month. If you need the link please message me for it but you should be able to find me through the search option.  This recommendation comes after we’ve run into several issues here on Patreon, including them flagging our account for our content, issues embedding videos, issues linking our Platinum tier and so much more. Fansly has none of these problems and the videos play there seamlessly. They are also super friendly about the type of content I make and unlike Patreon, hugely…