• em4triuqs

    Alteternatively this video could have been called ‘Side-Boob Heaven”. Another great video, Lily Mae! As always your outfit was fantastic. I love the B&W look. You looked very … elegant. And sexy … although I must say that your beautiful white dress is the longest dress/skirt I’ve ever seen you wear in one of your adventures hahaha. That is, I suppose, in keeping with the Side-Boob theme and you (or Charlie) didn’t want your wiggling ass and naked pussy competing with your luscious perky tits. Well done! Bravo, guys!

    • lilymaeexhib_402414

      Thank you! We hadn’t actually planned on filming this day but the pink open sided dress was just too good to pass up the opportunity! The side boob in it was great, even if it was on the longer side! ❤️

  • ed

    Well, that one sure got my blood flowing to the nether regions! The sideboob tease here is phenomenal, and (for me at least) sexier than topless and nude.

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