• dutchboy

    Great video clip. You confidence is amazing! Just wondering – do you have a “wish list”/gift registry set up, in case your fans would like to buy you something? I think a couple of the other “exhib” girls do, that way fans can be sure what they purchase is something you would like and it’s already annotated with size, color, etc.

    • Lily Mae

      It’s updated! Feel free to suggest gifts you’d like to see me in also. I have quite a few I need to film in but I promise I will get to everyone’s gifts! Thanks for looking! ♥️♥️

  • dutchboy

    Just one more question – is there going to be a full-length video of your outing to that convention coming soon? It looks like it would be a “hot” one!

  • Greg

    I just want to add to the earlier comment. It’s that combination of confidence and shyness that are so sexy; plus your gorgeous smile, free-spirited personality, and hot body! 🙂

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