• dutchboy

    Another superb video! That 1st skirt seemed to really accentuate your hip sway – very nice! That was a nice touch with both skirts, spinning them around a little so the split was dead center! I loved how in the club as you were dancing, moving your right leg just the right way helped lift up the small amount a fabric covering your pussy. I wonder how many people got a good look? And those boots are fantastic on you – classy yet sexy. You and Charlie are doing excellent videos! Continued success!

  • Paddy

    What can I say – you are damn sexy. I love your outfits. the bra worn like this is awesome and emphasises your beautiful tits. Like a frame for a beautiful painting. Your visits to clubs are the highlights. Watching you dance and show yourself to the people around you is breathtaking. I love it !!!

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