• dutchboy

    I’m running out of words to express my joy and amazement with your videos and your beauty! The ease with which you casually expose your nipples/breasts and “privates” is just delightdul! The red dress at the end I hope you will wear again sometime – it looked “hot”!

    • Lily Mae

      Thank you, I always love to hear it, no matter how you express it! Sadly the red dress was sacrificed to Vegas haha. I think I accidentally left it in the hotel because it didn’t come home with me. ❤️

  • Paddy

    Soo hot and incredibly sexy. Styling, clothes, shots and music are exceptionally good. This inspiration runs through every one of your videos. Well done sweet Lily!

  • Chris

    I love how everytime you go to Vegas you end up on a lookout with your ass exposed;)

    Love your Vegas videos and your upload consistancy, thanks as always:)

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