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  • Steve O

    The night started w a lusful gasp as the corner of my eyes detected the outline of your perfectly formed bust. I almost got whiplash when it registered in my brain the veluptious angle behind me wasn’t covering her tender boosom. Just before, I was looking at my phone and naturally i clicked on the camera app and started filming. Unfortunatly, my heart was jumping out of my chest as my body heat sored and i didn’t start a video. But I did look at you and your smile melted my lustful desire into a drueling pit bull beging God you were single and at least slightly attracted to me. After i said “thank you” to you for such a blast of eye candy, I noticed you were being followed by a camera man. I mentioned to him I’ve seen web sites where beautiful young women like yourself extibit nudity and wodered if this is what i was whitnessing. the gentleman gave me your web site and i am extreamly impressed. Again, thank you for exsposing yourself to me at First Friday on Sante Fe St. in Denver. My heart is pounding even still as I write, seeing you again here. I wish there was so, so much more beautiful women like you as free as a dove expressing love and desire. Keep up the trend and make it blossom! I believe you have what it takes. the world is better of with uninhibited petite souls lifting hearts like mine

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