• dutchboy

    Thanks for the directions to this video – I found it! Thought I reviewed all videos when I signed up 2 months ago, but somehow I missed this one. I am in “awe” of your boldness when you remove the panties and have only that “skirt” on for a bottom. That has got to be a heart-racing experience, every time. Early on, you removed the pasties and mentioned that hurt. I know what they are but never had oppotunity to see them up close. Is there adhesive on the whole thing?? That’s crazy if so. Maybe design your own line of “painless pasties” with adhesive on the just the outer edges. You could promote them as being “nipple friendly”!! LOL

    • Lily Mae

      You’re welcome! It’s easy to miss some here and there, I suppose! It is nerve wracking each time but that’s the best part! OOoh, those pasties were particularly sticky! Most are pretty good and painless. Those ones were heavy and had a lot of adhesive in them haha. ❤

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