• em4triuqs

    In answer to your question “Don’t you love short skirts” ….. YESSSS!
    I loved them both, but the blue one is my favorite. Why? Because it was even shorter than the black one 😉
    I love watching you show off LilyMae! You make me happy 😉

  • em4triuqs

    Don’t get me wrong, I love watching you flash your perfect tits in your obscenely transparent tops, too, but my favorite view is an upskirt view of your cute ass and shaved pussy when you bend over at the knees or walk up a flight of stairs wearing a skirt that’s so short that your gorgeous ass cheeks are visible even when you’re NOT bending over 🙂 Heaven!!

  • ghuiorgh

    So incredible slutty i’ts above sexy (when you feel the need to go out slutty (which is biological normal and not divergent), go all the way and very much over-the-top, since if not, say trying-to or hesistant, it is laughable or whorish). I belief being publicly (so damn) sexy and daringly esposing herself, it makes a wife very hot (she herself and for others) as her accompanying man (or wife, of course) is confident and proud of her and hence showing and demanding respect for her. Sure Charlie does! Can see it in your loving beautiful eyes. Keep on showing off!

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