Patreon Woes Continue

Unfortunately, it appears that our problems with Patreon aren’t likely going away as we had hoped. Even though we’ve operated for over a year on here without issue and have been careful to comply with it’s published content guidelines, suddenly much of our content is no longer welcome. 

Patreon has started enforcing rules that aren’t in their Community Guidelines or Terms and Conditions. Videos that had been reviewed before by Patreon and deemed fine are now suddenly not okay. Since editing and reuploading the offending videos is prohibitive, instead I have to remove them from Patreon. The removed videos are being replaced by a giant “BLOCKED” message. For now, you can view the removed videos on my website by logging in with your Patreon credentials.  

That all being said, I’m still strongly encouraging everyone to switch over to Fansly. It is entirely possible that even with removing the videos, the ever-changing nature of Patreon’s enforcement and sudden interest in going after adult content (we are not the only ones being targeted right now), means that I would not be surprised if my Patreon page was suspended at any time. For a company that just laid off 17% of its staff due to financial reasons, it seems odd that Patreon would be coming after their own content providers. It is what it is, though., and it’s beyond my control. 

I appreciate everyone’s support and I sincerely hope I can get this all resolved with Patreon. However, if I can’t, I hope to everyone over on Fansly. 

Thanks so much!

– Lily Mae

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