• ghuiorgh

    No competition for our star Lily (style, attitude, …). Transparent raincoats are genius (if worn as you do so gracefully). It would be no bad idea, I think, to do a solo city centre wet t-shirt show-off. Solo is more challenging, hence more sexy and thus more satisying for you. And in the end, we (well, at least I) just watch you, so….

  • ed

    wahoo! all the girls were good, but Lily Mae’s outstanding (and upstanding) nipples are particularly “stimulating” in a wet t. I’m with GHUIORGH in voting for a solo wet t in public. Aside from fountains and rain, many other sources for getting wet: warm weather festival – stay too long in the misting tent; canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting; car wash; shower at the beach. So many possibilities, hard to chose; nevermind, do them all!

  • ed

    another wet t idea: at a non-nude, non-topless beach, wear a flimsy white t-shirt instead of a bikini top. You’d also look great in a wet wifebeater

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