• R Todd

    I anxiously await each week’s new adventure to see what is the featured theme. Whatever it is, I always favor a crowd environment.
    Last week it was the pussy parade in LV. This week it was tits galore in D. More aggressive than is typical for you–more gutsy than in the past. (Although not quite as much as NYC, but must realize it is street-legal in NYC to go topless–not so much in D ! ).
    That red top with Boobs 2.0 was very teasing, very scintillating; the final top was also exceptional allowing you to deploy your tits uninterrupted, much to my enjoyment (covered for only 2.75 seconds in the bar for some undisclosed reason). You can send that middle top to Goodwill; no need to use it again.
    And the finale with the total nude–not quite so isolated this time. Hurray. Keep up the good work.
    So once again I must I await with baited breath for next week’s adventure to come [sic] across my desk.

  • thomasjohann

    Dear Lily, you are a stunning Beauty!!!! Love to see you fully naked with some men near by!!!!!
    In all your vids so far I could see 2 women touching your breasts.
    What about letting some men touch your beautiful body????
    ( If your husband does not mind-;)
    Can`t wait for your upcoming vids.
    love you

  • Tim

    Wow, the top changes are amazing. A few bottom changes would be great, or no bottoms at all. You never know. You do look amazing. Thank you for your posts.

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