• R Todd

    Well Lily Mae you really did it again, upping the ante from the NYC antics. It was just about swell during the bikini walk when you adjusted the bikini bottom coverage . . . or was it the uncoverage?
    And then . . . OHHH MYYYY GOSH!
    The real uncoverage began with that black almost dress. Very erotic! How did you screw up the courage (beyond Charlie’s likely prodding) to actually do that walkabout in that crowd? (I regret you did not inform me about it so that I could have high-tailed it to LV to observe in person!)
    And now you have teased that next week’s video will foray into uncharted territory. That is difficult to imagine what it will be. It will be HARD to wait!

    • lilymaeexhib_402414

      Thank you, R Todd! I thought NYC was going to be as bold as I can go but I love pushing those boundaries! Wait till you see what’s next! That dress was such a lucky find and I’m keeping it forever haha. It was absolute gold to film in and Charlie really had to push that one. As far as courage, I just do it, no matter how nervous I am! It helps knowing Charlie is there. He’s the best coach haha

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