• thomasjohann

    Pearl Street – what a wonderful vid! Lily you are so beautiful and your nipples: simply great!!!!
    I am looking forward to your vids becoming more and more daring and may be interacting with some strangers!

  • R Todd

    I, too, am encouraged about the increased daringness! So what happened when you were about to get a bit more spicy at 18:30 when you had gotten to just the jacket? Was hoping for more.

    • Tim

      The skirt was perfect. I think this is my favorite video of all time including platinum videos. It was so sexy, it will be hard to top this one. As others commented about the jacket, it has been fricking hot here. I am amazed you could even wear it here the last couple weeks. You are amazing in this video. I give it 11 out of 10. More beautiful than ever.

      • lilymaeexhib_402414

        Thank you, Tim! I’m so happy you love it! What made it your favorite? It was filmed in the spring, April maybe? So, it was still pretty chilly out that day! I was quite cold! When it cools down again I want to bring the jacket back out! 🩷🩷

  • R Todd

    Hey Lily. [This is maybe a revision/clarification to my earlier comment about this post and I do appreciate the candor in your first response.] First, let me set the record straight. Pearl Street indeed had a friskiness index right on up there, what with you having sprinkled titty-frosted pussy dust all over the neighborhood! It’s just that my reaction to the climax of this post was similar to your’s at the end of last week’s episode, resulting in a feeling of (and I believe I am quoting you accurately here) “. . . grrr . . . !” You hold significant sway over this audience, so when you reduced your attire to that one item and sauntered across the street, the anticipation of the impending naughtiness was a HUGE turn-on! “. . . grrr . . . !”

    • lilymaeexhib_402414

      “sprinkling titty frosted pussy dust all over town” has me 😂😂 omg 😆 Grrrr, I understand the sentiment. I was frustrated with this area as well haha. Rest assured I will try the jacket alone again. It was spring here and still pretty cool out. It’s been so hot I may have to wait a bit. But it will be back! ♥️

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