• D

    That looks fantastic. Maybe an idea to have clothes, bikini or bathing suit applied by a good artist and then walk around outside. When it’s done right, people don’t even notice that you’re walking around naked.

  • ghuiorgh

    Very sexy and daring, dear Lily. I like very much. You’re in great shape! But (if I may ask) is your Charlie becoming softy? 20 min to convince you to undo your panties )8. I remarked (or imagined (; ) even you becoming bored wearing that redundant little piece of textile §. Next time make’m beg to put them on instead, lol! BTW, check your Throne. Hope you and Charlie (and your fans) will enjoy. But couldn’t keep my promise on shoes. No heels on the shelf over there ):. 35$ per inch I set (max 6 inch, you must be able to dance VVV ) . Let us know! Kr,G.

    • lilymaeexhib_402414

      Our boldness is heavily dependent on where we are. Things are a little different in Vegas than back home so, I imagine Charlie was waiting for the right moment! Thank you so much for the lovely gifts! I only just saw them now! The skirt looks perfect for fall and I cannot wait to film in them! 🩷

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