• patreon_96284506

    for whatever reason, taken together….. the rolling fields, the wind, the hat and outfit, it all seems bigger than life; epic, like dr. zivago/russian revolution style epic. a leader of men?? well, i’ve clearly become delusional… but …i’m happy. back to earth…. you look very beautiful, lily mae, and so elegent. thx. again for all your stunning and sexy content. M.

  • Greg

    I wanted to comment on this video since I keep returning to it, but after reading the above comment comparing it to Dr. Zhivago, that will make what I have to say sound amateurish. I just love how the wind blows your skirt up, over and over again, so we can see your enitre booty and more. 🙂

    • Lily Mae

      Thank you, Greg! I never judge the way people write, so feel free to say what you want! The wind is my best friend sometimes haha. And it works out for y’all too! Thank you for the sweet compliments! I never really think about being shy and confident haha. It mostly just feels shy to me but I love getting attention when I’m out and about and I think that gives me a big confidence boost to strut a little bit more haha. ❤

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