• Tore

    Wow wow so good video Lily – nice wig and very beautiful makeup – your eyes look so nice and they shinging and was very up to date..
    You look so good….
    Kiss from Tore Bassen

  • dutchboy

    I had an urge to view “Marla Singer” again and found it after searching a while. I agree with Tore above – that short black wig and your overall eye makeup are incredible in this video. Then to sit there having a clove cigarette with your legs open and pussy visible was next level! Something else came to mind – I’m not sure you mentioned it, but have any of your Vegas trips been at Halloween time? If not, just wondering how much you could get away with then, since it is pretty wild and crazy during a typical night!

    • Lily Mae

      Thanks so much! That was a fun costume and such a fun trip! New Orleans is my favorite for Halloween because the whole city celebrates! But I might be open to going somewhere different this year! ❤️

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