• dutchboy

    There is no way in hell I could have continued to shoot pool with you in the pool hall. You are just amazingly bold and “push the envelope” almost everytime. My goodness, I can only imagine what this spring and summer will bring us!! You are beautiful, inside and out!!

    • Lily Mae

      Thank you! I was hoping someone wouldn’t be able to resist and would come help me with my shots. Still waiting for that! Maybe I’ll have to play more pool this winter! Spring and summer should be craaaaazy! ❤

  • Braless

    Well you did it again! you are such a cock tease I can only imagine being in the bar while you were shooting pool. My GOD you are so fucking hot. 100% the hottest babe on the internet.

  • Joe

    Please join a pool league so we can watch every week ! Your 1st pool video was good, the second one was ok and the third might be your best video ever….

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