Preview – This Week’s Video ❤️

If you follow my Instagram , you’ve likely seen this little clip before but this week we are finally releasing the full video version! Yay! This was from earlier in the summer when Charlie and I took a trip to Kansas City and had a little (ok a lot) of fun in the park. There is a hot platinum tier video to go with this one as well. I know some of you have been waiting to see it! ❤️💦💦

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  • Brian

    Those hips are moving and grooving Lily Mae. You must be wearing quite high heels. Love this kind of skirt on you when your hips are on the move! Well I love this skirt OFF of you as well 😍

    Keep sashaying Lily Mae! I’m glad that I only have to wait 12 hours or so for this full version

  • Brian

    To paraphrase what was said of Helen of Troy

    ‘Those hips could launch a thousand ships.’

    You’re not planning on starting a navy are you Lily Mae? I’d volunteer for service! 🥰

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