AVN Preview Clip!

Here’s a fun little clip from the Fansly booth at AVN! ❤️❤️

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  • dutchboy

    My God!! You are just “drop-dead” gorgeous and I’m sure even more so in person!! “They” (Resorts World) must be out of their minds for banning you. Why would they NOT want someone of such beauty to be present at their location?? Truly unbelievable!

  • Brian

    I had the pleasure of being there when Lily Mae, way up on her pedestal popped her tits out 😮 It was surprising because I thought it was verboten. Surprising AND fucking spectacular 🤣. I left for a bit and came back to see a guy massaging her foot. I’ve been kicking myself for not grabbing the other foot and going to town. We don’t see Lily Mae’s feet enough and, imagine this, her feet are as spectacular as every other inch of her perfect body

    • Lily Mae

      Aw, thank you Brian, you are too sweet! It was forbidden, hence me being gone when you came back the next time haha. Did you see the red jacket security guards come for me? Ugh, foot massages are one of my favorite things ever. I’d have let everyone there rub my feet haha. Although I don’t think that was technically allowed either… ❤

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