• Chris

    I have been loving your videos for a couple years now, and I love this one too!

    I really don’t know how you do some of these dares, you’re so brave!

  • dutchboy

    I am nearly speechless – Just Magnificient!! Your hair, eyes, the lingerie, those boots – love all of them!! Your confidence in wearing so little to begin with is amazing. Then to start stripping things off within a few minutes in a public restaurant is just “over the efge” great. I sense these naked walks at the end are becoming more daring and longer, and wll be even more so as warm weather returns. It’s like watching a “Goddess” walk down the street! I love it all, LilyMae!!

  • Brian

    Wow Lily! Just when I thought your naked walks couldn’t get better they just did! Spectacular my dear. You have progressed to a “I don’t care who’s walking by or driving by attitude and that is TREMENDOUSLY sexy my dear. I must add that the music and the camera work are perfect too! (Yay Charlie too) . Oh I had mentioned the adorable ‘giggle’ in the sneak peak and now getting to see the full laugh was even MORE adorable. 😘

    After looking through much of your prior work (which of course I LOVE) you seem to have gone to the next level now with the sexiness and production values, especially on the naked walks. It makes me sooo glad to be a part of this and to see where things are going!🥰

    • Lily Mae

      Thank you! I for sure feel more confident in doing the nude walks now. I hope to be able to keep pushing for longer and longer ones. If only the weather would cooperate! ❤

  • Brian

    Just thinking about WHY this was so tremendously sexy. You’re makeup and boots of course. But what was slightly different is your NOT looking around to see who’s watching. It’s kinda like “I’m gorgeous. Try and stop me!” There’s ZERO fear! Did it feel at all that way Lily dear or am I wrong? 😘

  • Michael

    perfect, Lily! You are looking so awesome, so beautiful, so sexy and so self-confident, like saying “it’s all me”… Thank you so much for your spirit and your public adventures!

  • Brian

    Lily I have to say that your nude walks are the reason I’m here now 🥰. They are sooo spectacular that nothing else here comes close. As you build your library of these you definitely have possible new revenue stream of maybe a compilation of nude walks? The anticipation of ‘whats next’ is seriously KILLING ME! 😘😘

  • Brian

    Sorry but I keep thinking of new stuff. Would a lingerie -to-naked walks work? Wear lingerie (no panties) and strip the pieces off and drop them as you walk. It could be epic I think 😘

  • Greg

    That ending was incredible. I agree with the above comments this is one of the SEXIEST nude walks you’ve done. The use of slow-motion looked spectacular. The way you smile at the camera, stand and pose with arms over your head, then hold them behind your back, oblivious to the traffic; you looked like a supermodel. 🙂

    • Lily Mae

      Thank you, Greg! I love this type of feedback so I know what parts y’all enjoy the most! I was really feeling it that night so I think it comes across in the video! ❤

  • J

    Wow, you are gorgeous! This is one of the hottest public vids I’ve seen. I can’t wait for warmer weather to see what Charlie has planned for you.

  • Ferfred

    Hi Lily, this is a great video.
    As it is my first comment here on this page I don’t know where to start.

    Bevore even talking about flashing and public nudity:
    You have a great figure: I love your pretty face and slender body. You show your collar bones, your ribs your flat stomach which make the boobs even more standing out. And of course the long legs. I am sure it takes quite some discipline to maintain such an appearance.

    And than showing this body in public, first flashing more and more and than beeing completely naked on the road is perfect. I particularly like that you hand over your coat to Charlie so you have nothing at hand to cover up even a little bit. In generally I prefer to see situations where women bring themselves in situation where they have no back up if they are busted. I am not good in reading faces so I am not sure how you are feeling during this walk: Afraid, nervous, proud to prove to Charlie (and us), that you’re getting braver, or even excited. How was your heartbeat?

    And finally: I admire women who show a lot of bare skin even in cold weather. They don’t even have to show any private parts. I find it admirable that they are willing to freeze to look good. And how could you make it more obvious than walking naked in the snow.

    • Lily Mae

      Wow, Ferfred! Thank you so much for the amazing compliments!! Your comment brought many smiles to my face while reading it! It truly excites me to be able to do push boundaries and makes me nervous at the same time! My face probably has a wide range of emotions haha! I hope there will be a few more snowy walks before winter is over. ❤️❤️

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