• dutchboy

    This is very a well recorded and edited video. The background music was perfect, putting a “dream-like” feel to it. You are absolutely gorgeous!! The manner with which you just casual walk by people who you know are in amazement at what they are seeing is great! The 1st part alone was excellent, but then when you removed the dress, you took it to a whole new level! Thank You, LilyMae – You made an otherwise dreary Friday evening a bright spot! I Love your content !!

    • Lily Mae

      Thanks so much, sweetie! 🥰 I realized we never released this and wanted everyone to have a little treat so it seemed like a good way to put this video out there. The dress was so pretty but it needed to go haha ❤️

  • Paddy

    soo sexy and beautiful! It’s always inspiring when you show yourself in front of this great location and people. I love your hard provocative nipples. Your choice of outfits is always special – I like the black jacket. You are exceptionally beautiful!!

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