• dutchboy

    Absolutely phenomenal, LilyMae! What a world-class beauty! The hair, make-up, earrings, those boots, that unbelievable dress. You have definitely mastered walking in stilettos! And removing panties at a semi-busy street corner was very exciting! and bold! I think your fans would agree – you have become our “dream girl” sweetheart! I could watch your videos everyday and never get tired of the beauty! Well done, love!!

    • Lily Mae

      You’re the sweetest, thank you! It makes me happy to be a dream girl. 😊I was hoping for more cars when I took my panties off but I think it worked out! ❤️

      • dutchboy

        I was so overwhelmed early this morning when commenting, I forgot to mention the naked walk at the end! That, my dear, is a dream-like vision! I have to wonder who gets excited the most – your fans watching you, or you while strolling nude in public !?? Outstanding !!

        • Lily Mae

          Thanks! I am hopeful I can do longer ones when it gets warm! I think the biggest thrill for me is in the moment while filming. Then I get excited to share it with y’all all over again haha 😆❤️

  • Paddy

    Thanks to the fan who donated the outfit. Aws. Thanks to Charlie for the best constant direction – great how he puts you in scene.
    New hair colour – brown-eyed girl Lily. Looks great on you – always classy! (Van Morrison ;-). )
    Hot and sexy, you are simply the best, most beautiful, exceptional exhib in the scene!!!

    • Lily Mae

      Aw, you’re so sweet! Thank you! 😀 My hair has been lighter for a bit but maybe more noticable this week since last week’s video was a little older 😊💋❤️

  • thomasjohann

    Congrats Charlie, your wife is an outstanding beauty! Sheer by design is a wonderful video. Lily I love you beeing so daring and especially when you get fully nude at the end of the video.
    I would like to see more of you strolling around fully nude maybe even longer! And what about interacting with some strangers letting them touch your beutiful breasts and nipples or even fingering your pussy? 😉

  • Jan

    Breath taking video Lily
    Was hoping for the skirt to keep going up higher ! then you pull it down, but you realy did it at the end.
    Great girl we love it

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