• dutchboy

    I stayed up late waiting for this one and was not dissappointed!! I just love your naked walks, my goodness! And for you to carry on a quick conversation with someone above you on that bridge while you were totally nude was hot. Some of the other “exhib” girls would have ran under the bridge, or behind a bush, or grabbed their coat. Then you top that after your bistro stop, by walking down the sidewalk towards oncoming people with your coat fully open!! WHOA! I love how you are very up front with enjoying your nudity and that creates these amazing videos. Springtime and warm temps need to hurry and get here!! I love your content!

  • Paddy

    Gorgeous Lily, please don’t lose your warm earmuffs… it’s cold ;-). You are tough and give everything for your fans. Thank you for the extraordinary videos.

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