• dutchboy

    My Gosh, LilyMae!! You are spectacular and driving me insane! Subscribing to your site 4 months ago was the best thing I ever did! There is no other exhib site that does this better than you and Charlie! It is just erotic as hell that you start out almost always without panties any more. As far as the negativity from mostly women, my thoughts are this: #1 – they are jealous of your beauty and #2 – wishing they had the body and courage to do what you do! This warm season is going to be amazing for you, and US!! Outstanding beauty and video!

    • Lily Mae

      Your comments always make my day, thanks so much! I am glad you found us as well! Ha, yeah, most women do love it and I get a lot of encouragement. Every one in a while I encounter a bitter pill. I hope her day got better later haha 😉❤️

  • Paddy

    Lily you are so hot and sexy. Your erect nipples are one of the highlights of your work of art. Even the women who see you admire your body. None of them are quite like you. You are every man’s dream!!!

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