• Paddy

    It looks good on you. Unique to see you laughing, but incredibly sexy with the slit in your dress where you pertly show your pussy. A horny situation. I love it.

    • Lily Mae

      Oh I laugh tons while filming and not haha! Here I was mostly laughing because the wind was literally carrying me away. It’s one of those things people always say to me because I’m thin,”you’ll blow away in the wind!” I was cracking up because I’ll be damned if I wasn’t actually blowing away in those strong gusts haha. And thanks!.This skirt really worked out as well!😆❤️

  • dutchboy

    I agree. It is great to see the candid out-takes of your videos and that part of your personality, LilyMae. Again, your laugh/giggles are adorable! Too bad the weather didn’t want to cooperate!

    • Lily Mae

      Thanks! I’ll try to include them more often! Ugh, I wanted to keep filming because the wind was perfect but it dropped the temps 40 degrees and was too strong to film in. Charlie was having to hold me to keep me from blowing away haha 😆❤️

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