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Hello, y’all, although I enjoy Patreon and I WILL CONTINUE TO POST HERE, I would like to encourage everyone to move over to my Fansly for next month. If you need the link please message me for it but you should be able to find me through the search option.  This recommendation comes after we’ve run into several issues here on Patreon, including them flagging our account for our content, issues embedding videos, issues linking our Platinum tier and so much more. Fansly has none of these problems and the videos play there seamlessly. They are also super friendly about the type of content I make and unlike Patreon, hugely supportive of NSFW content creators.

My account is currently under review by Patreon due to their ever-changing and inconsistently applied content rules. Based on my conversations with Patreon, I don’t think my account will be suspended any time soon, but I also have little faith that we won’t keep having these issues down the line. I will continue to post here as long as I am able to, but overall I think that Fansly will provide a much better experience for everyone. For example, Fansly has native video hosting and you won’t have to go to a separate website to view Platinum content. It also has more features such as live streaming (if I ever choose to go that route). 

Whatever platform you choose to view my content on, I look forward to a long and wonderfully fun future with ya’ll!

**Annual subscribers, don’t worry! We won’t leave ya hanging! If a move to Fansly becomes necessary (like if Patreon deletes my account) I have a list of who y’all are and how many months you have left on your subscription. We will work something out for you! 

– Lily Mae ❤️

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