• Boooper

    Lily – you are awsome, I just have to say the hottest element is when Charlie adjusts your clothes to his liking – like in the hardware store when he first did one button and later felt it needed more, your reaction of “really” and a nervous giggle was so hot.
    I would love to see this occur even more than you do now, and of course it goes without saying – you’ll do it because – you do it so so well.
    keep up the fab videos

    B x

    • lilymaeexhib_402414

      What a sweet comment, thank you! I love when Charlie adjusts my clothing too. It alwaysakwa me nervous because I have no idea how far he’ll go with it haha! But that’s what makes it so hot! 🔥😜

  • Michael

    So great! I love that you walk through the hardware store so completely shameless. This sheer blouse looks amazing and suits you perfectly!

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