• Paddy

    You′re an essay in glamor and leaves room for speculation as to where the jewelry is attached. Everyone around you knows exactly and is trying to see it. You′re beauty and elegance very sexy with a little bit of shyness. You’re a symphony and a play.

  • dutchboy

    Just amazing! I love the movement of those chains as you walk. I hope we will see more of that nipple necklace this spring! And, the way you just decide to drop the panties in the middle of a walk is always a thrilling sight. If I was in a bar and young lady like you walked in and started exposing her nipples, I would embarrass myself by constantly sneaking a look. Just beautiful!!

  • Braless

    I never thought you could do anything to make your amazing boobs and nipples draw more attention but those gold chains did it… Maybe its time to really pierce them. Hell if you dont like them you can always take them out.

    • Lily Mae

      Thank you! I never knew how much I would like nipple jewelry until multiple fans requested it! I’m def a no on actual piercings but the jewelry is a fun temporary alternative! ❤️

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