Full Video – Take Me Bowling

You all spoke and we heard you! Bowling was the clear winner in last week’s poll so Charlie and I strapped on some rental bowling shoes and took to the lanes. While we had a lot of fun being naughty while knocking over pins, there are a few caveats to this video. The first is that we didn’t have a chance to scout this venue first and decided to just wing it. The place itself was great, but the staff and clientele were not so great. This limited what we could get away with. Secondly, it was SO dark in there. To get a decently-lit shot, we had to up the exposure on our camera to the point where the video was choppy. Charlie apologizes for this in advance. Still, despite these challenges, we got a pretty good video showing lots of naughty fun.

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  • em4triuqs

    In spite of the low-light technical difficuties this is a great video. Bowling combined with short skirts is a fantasy of mine and you did a great job feeding my fantasy, Lilymae. I encourage you do it again at a venue with more light. The low light is the only thing wrong with the video. And I like the location of the bowling alley – you have to walk up 87 flights of stairs to get to it!

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