• em4triuqs

    The Vegas videos are my favorites so far! Outstanding! Vegas is THE PERFECT place to shoot public flashing videos and you guys sure made the most of the opportunity. Great lighting (even at night) and many, MANY people everywhere. Perfect location – please do this again soon.
    The scene at the pool with you wearing that almost nonexistent pink bikini was epic – BRAVO Lily! And the scene with you standing at the rail beside the fountains at the Belagio was one of the best public flashing scenes I’ve ever seen – great job Lily (and Charlie). I had to laugh at all the oblivious tourists taking video of the fountain show when there was a MUCH better show with you bent over the railing wiggling your perfect ass and flashing your pussy for anyone who was looking to see. That was perfect, simply perfect. If I’d been there I would have been taking upskirt shots of you with my phone – what fountains? 🙂
    Keep up the great work, guys! You make a great team.

  • ghuiorgh

    You are nothing less than an angel in that white sheer crop top and shorts outfit. I adore wathing the people (mostly women) looking at you (if they don’t, it’s a disgrace for you and Charlie of course, so never feel unconfortable or insecure, it should even kill the appearance, but you don’t do even a bit, in the contrary, your confidence and look-at-me-please-attitude gives you an incredible sex appeal and glam). You know why they look how they look? Jalousy, since they very much want to wander so ‘expressively’ (even dream of it, maybe inconsiously) but can’t or don’t dare. But again, you do want you (must) do, gracefuly, nicely sexy and not a bit slutty (challenge!) but so stylish! Angels like you make this place a bit heaven!

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