• em4triuqs

    Ditto wnat Mike said above. Great video, Lily. I loved it! I think you’re addicted to boots and coffee … and showing off 🙂
    The sitting upskirt shots while you were trying on boots were outstanding as were the upskirt shots at the end in the yellow sundress … that’s a very sexy dress, btw … I hope to see more of it! It’s the perfect length – just long enough to be marginally acceptable in public but short enough to be naughty if you even think of bending over. Very sexy when you swish your cute ass back and forth.
    And since you mentioned it I have a suggestion for Charlie for filming up your skirts … put the cam (phone cam) on a selfie stick and walk behind you with the cam almost on the ground and pointing up. Great UpSkirt angle for your photogenic ass 🙂 And it’s a little more revealing than the view that bystanders get.
    Happy New Year!

    • lilymaeexhib_402414

      Thank you! Haha, I am most definitely addicted to both coffee and boots! Usually it is tea though! We do some upskirt with the 360 camera where I’ll hold it angled up my skirts. We should do that more often, though! ❤️

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