• dutchboy

    You’ve mentioned at different times how Charlie has to convince you to do certain things. My opinion/conclusion – I would bet Charlie doesn’t have to say much for you to get naked! You are just waiting with anticipation for him to ask! lol -DB

    • Lily Mae

      Haha, you nailed it, dutchboy! It makes it much hotter for me when he tells me to so sometimes I wait with anticipation for sure! Sometimes I can’t wait and just start doing it. 🔥♥️

    • Lily Mae

      Hello, Frank. I sent you a direct message on Patreon. Messages are now under “community” on the left, then “direct messages” at the top. I do not show your membership has ended. I show it valid through May of 2024. I do not cancel memberships or block without notice and only do so if I have a reason, which has only been once ever. That being said, please respond with a kinder tone and let me know what is going on that makes you think your membership is no longer active so I can help you. Thanks LM ♥️

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